More Independence, Still Near Campus

College life at UCLA is always great, as is the weather and the friendly atmosphere. Many students start out their UCLA college life living in the dorms, and most really enjoy the experience, saying that even the food is delicious. But after their sophomore year at UCLA, or sometimes sooner, many begin searching for apartments near ucla. The area has many apartments to choose from and the choices range from large apartment complexes to single-room studios which are sprinkled throughout the area near the campus.

But UCLA is a college and the closer to the UCLA campus and classes, the better. While some opt for spaces further out, the apartments near UCLA are the most popular areas when students are looking for a bit more indepence. There are several complexes nearby including some apartments right behind the dorms in Westwood. And there are also several social network pages specifically for finding roommates to share the apartments and the expenses. The pages and groups are designed to provide a safe alternative for students searching for apartment roommates.

Whatever you desire in an apartment is available in the area, whether a loft, or a studio, or a two-bedroom, or even three-bedroom apartment. Most of the apartments are well-kept and the complexes are well-maintained and attractively landscaped. Many of the apartment complexes feature wide balconies so you can enjoy the California sunshine.

UCLA Being a college area, there is no shortage of fun things to do and see. Westwood itself, about a half mile from the classrooms on campus, offers a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as movies and theaters and playhouses which are all nearby. Royce Hall and the the Hammer Museum of Art are within minutes of the UCLA campus and close to any of the apartments near UCLA. Of course, there are bars and clubs, as well as a number of outdoor activities.

Transportation options are available and UCLA is also close to Hollywood and Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Santa Monica Beach just to name a few attractions when you venture off campus. The area has an abundance of activity and entertainment options.

When looking for apartments near UCLA, it’s difficult to go wrong. Many housing options are available within a short walk of the university and within walking distance or a short drive of some of the other attractions. All this activity, and great choices for apartments or housing, all under the warm, California sun. Who could want more?