Which of the Following Devices Can Monitor a Network and Detect Potential Security Attacks

The Web is incredibly informative, but it’s also a perfect pathway for hackers. Protecting your company with security measures is the only way to protect your data. Explore what you should know about web application security solutions in today’s busy world.

1. Your Team is Doing More Manual Work Than Necessary

Thank your IT department now because working without a web application security solution, such as Netsparker, has made them the hardest workers in the industry. You should know that they have to manually check certain data packets that flow through your system.

The IT department can now move swiftly through these otherwise time-consuming tasks, such as:

• Password-protected websites

• Customized 404 error pages

• URL rewriting jobs

Security solutions zoom right through these pages, verify them and move on with the process. The IT department can focus on other tasks in the end.

2. Scanning Can be Focused or Widespread

Allow the security solution to work its magic on every website address moving through the system. It filters through them with an incredible speed! You won’t miss any vulnerabilities with this wide net in place.

If you have a particular website that you’re concerned about, focus your efforts down to just a single URL. Type it into the system, and you’ll see a scan in seconds. You should know that every reputable solution can be customized on the fly.

3. Web Languages May Confuse Some Security Solutions

IT departments might struggle with scans of pages that are built with varying languages. It’s downright frustrating to stop what you’re doing and configure the system for another script.

Go ahead and scan either .NET or PHP languages. The system will automatically switch to the language so that no compromise is overlooked. Most solutions cannot perform this service with an automated flair. Netsparker can get you there.

4. Alerts Arise After Several Checks

False positives can drive your IT department crazy. Several hours can be lost to just one verification that’s flagged as a threat.

Security solutions run several checks across these flagged, data packets. If it comes up as a questionable code, then the system notifies the IT group. Reducing the number of false positives saves you time, money and stress within the department. No one wants to deal with the stress created if a serious hack turns out to be bad data.

5. See it All on One Page

The best security solutions have a platform that’s user-friendly. Look for a single page that has graphed statistics. With one glance, your team can see any potential vulnerabilities and the amount of data packets that have been already checked.

For a busy IT department, this quick-glance page is the easiest way to keep up with the pace. Open up any graph or chart to see even more detail.

Try Netsparker so that you can see security evolve on your company screens. It takes only a single hacker to compromise your data. Be confident with your security measures by putting web application security solutions into action.